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At Mectra Synergy, we stock spare parts from the smallest filters and seal to even Fukuda marine batteries!
We have a large stock of new spare parts for the brands that we carry. We are able to mobilise our spares inventory quickly and efficiently via our reliable and efficient logistic partners.

We are proud to stock only genuine Northern Lights and also Fukuda batteries. Northern Lights generators are known for their durability, simplicity, and reliable performance.
The best way to maintain that performance is to use genuine parts, these parts are designed and engineered specifically for your Northern Lights generator to perform at its peak and are backed by a parts warranty!

Don’t settle for aftermarket or “will-fit” parts. Genuine Northern Lights parts offer the durability and performance you have come to expect from Northern Lights. They’re the original. The following include some of the parts you’ll become accustomed to checking and changing as part of your maintenance routine, as well as the reasons for choosing Northern Lights parts.

Please contact our staff for availability and price quotations.

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